Why you should pay more for gas and electric vehicles

The National Review’s Robert Costa has a nice piece in today’s print edition explaining why the auto industry is so good at creating cars, but so bad at producing them.

But Costa also has a very interesting theory: We are at the peak of a gas and electricity revolution, he writes, and the new cars are the new gas.

And that’s the new reason to pay more.

It is also a great reason to be skeptical of the whole notion of electrification, because it is based on a false premise.

The gas and power industries are the same, they both use electricity, Costa writes, but in different ways.

“They are the two main industries in the US that make the cars,” he says.

“In a sense, they are the most important, because they produce and transport the bulk of the cars we drive, which accounts for almost a third of all U.S. car production.”

Costa concludes that “a great many consumers would be well served to look beyond the mere cost of electric vehicles and consider the broader social costs that come with those vehicles, including pollution and climate change.”

That means it’s time to put more money into our gas-powered cars, which he says are “in many ways the best vehicles ever built” and “the ones that are most likely to be replaced by electric cars in the future.”

There’s no evidence to support Costa’s claims.

He does cite an industry survey that found that 80 percent of auto buyers think they’ll be getting more electric vehicles in the next five years, but he doesn’t provide the specific number.

A recent survey of American consumers by the Public Religion Research Institute found that 70 percent said they thought they would buy an electric car in five years.

That doesn’t mean that all Americans are planning to buy more electric cars, of course.

But the PPRI survey also found that “the majority of Americans think that by 2025, electric cars will become the largest segment of their buying behavior.”

There is, however, plenty of evidence that electric vehicles are a growing segment of car buying, and that they’re on the rise.

According to the US Census Bureau, electric vehicles account for less than one percent of all cars sold in the United States.

That’s a pretty big difference from the previous decade, when electric cars accounted for nearly half of all car sales.

And electric vehicles have been growing for some time now.

According a new study from the University of Maryland, “Electric Vehicle Sales in the U. S. Are On a Long-Term Trend: From 2000 to 2020, electric vehicle sales increased by 30.7 percent, from 685,000 vehicles to 985,200 vehicles.

By 2040, they will account for 15.9 percent of U.

Development Is Supported By

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