Which Republican Candidate Is Right on Vesting Privatization of Social Security?

Ville Platte, France – The news is out: a majority of Americans think the American government should give up its right to privatize Social Security.

As Vox’s Dylan Matthews explains, “Americans are overwhelmingly in favor of Social Safety.

Only 36 percent of Americans believe that private companies should be able to decide how much money should be invested in Social Security, while 70 percent believe that the government should keep the option open.”

But a majority still thinks Social Security should be privatized.

And if you were a Republican, this is the type of information that would make you want to pull your support for Donald Trump.

Americans support the privatization of Social security, according to the poll.

In addition to a plurality of Republicans, Americans are divided on the issue, with 45 percent of Republicans saying they favor the privatization while 43 percent oppose it.

But the poll also asked Americans if they were in favor or opposed to giving up Social Security’s ability to invest in investments that are not subject to a guaranteed return.

Forty-seven percent of Democrats and 50 percent of independents said they support the idea of giving up the Social Security Investment Trust, while 38 percent of the public said they oppose the idea.

And a majority, 55 percent, of Republicans favor the idea, while only 36 percent oppose the plan.

A majority of Republicans (59 percent) also favor giving up some Social Security taxes, but a majority also oppose giving up all the benefits.

The poll also found that Americans are more likely to oppose the privatization if the plan involves cutting the number of beneficiaries and lowering benefits.

Forty-eight percent of respondents said that they oppose a plan that cut benefits and added other benefits, while a plurality (36 percent) supported a plan where the benefits were cut and the number increased.

According to Matthews, Americans oppose the notion of cutting benefits by 50 percent.

And while a majority (53 percent) of Americans oppose giving money to the federal government to pay for benefits cuts, they support it if the cuts were paid for by cutting taxes for corporations.

Trump supporters were divided on whether they support giving up benefits or giving up cutting taxes.

Twenty-seven out of the 26 Republicans surveyed by the poll said they supported giving up cuts, while 27 percent said they did not support the plan, while 10 percent said neither of the two ideas.

However, Republicans who support giving back Social Security were more likely than those who support cuts to favor giving money back to the government, according a plurality by nearly two to one.

More than half (55 percent) Americans said that a tax increase on the wealthy was not a good idea, according the poll, and more than a third (37 percent) said that tax cuts were a good thing.

So what does this mean for the future of Social Services?

This poll shows that Americans want to keep the current system of Social Benefits.

That means that when the time comes, a majority are going to be willing to accept cuts to Social Security benefits.

This is why the Trump administration should keep its focus on cutting Social Security as quickly as possible.

The longer the government is left to manage Social Security without the threat of a tax hike, the more likely it is that more Americans will turn against the program.

For more information about the poll or for the latest political analysis on Social Security and the economy, follow @cnnpolitics on Twitter or join the conversation at the CNN Political Team Facebook group.

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