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Villas Bellezza is a villa in the town of Villefranche-sur-Mer in northern France that is renowned for its large number of manicured gardens and sparkling waterfalls.

The villa, which was built in the late 1800s and now attracts many families, has a private garden with a view of the lake.

Villas Belleza is located in the French town of Villas Bellezza, on the Lake of the Woods.

The villa is well known for its manicured, green gardens.

According to Wikipedia, the villa has a total of 15,904 manicured and fenced gardens.

According to the website Beautiful Villas, the mansion boasts over 12,000 guestrooms and more than 20,000 bedrooms.

It also has a gym, theater, cinema, bar and bar, spa, spa and swimming pool.

There are also numerous restaurants, bars and a spa.

The house is said to be owned by the Countess Belletti.

In 2006, the house was listed for sale on the market for around $6 million.

Despite the property being listed for $6m, the listing was not made public and the buyer did not reveal the exact price.

“The listing has been closed and the auction is on hold,” a spokesperson for the local authorities said.

When the sale was announced, it came as a surprise to many locals, who thought it was an elaborate hoax.

But after the auction closed, it quickly became apparent that the listing had been made in error.

Many of the locals told Le Parisien that the villas manicured green garden and swimming pools were not real.

A villa owned by Bellettis father, Georges Bellettin, is located at Villebelle-sur de la Planche, in northern French Guiana.

While some locals are pleased to see the house listed for auction, others are worried that the house will become a tourist attraction.

This villa was bought for a very reasonable price.

The owner told the local newspaper Le Parisian that it was a mistake to include the price.

“This is a good house, we bought it for a fair price,” the villager said.

“It has everything that the guests need, including the swimming pool.”

The villas original owner, Georgies Bellettina, was a major player in the Guiana oil and gas industry.

He died in 2006, just three years after the house went on the auction block.

After the sale, the Countes estate reportedly sold the mansion to a family who had purchased it from the Counts brother, the Prince de Bellettins.

Bellettin’s eldest son, Prince Georges, is now the heir to the Bellettinian empire.

It is unclear what happened to the villális Bellettini.

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