Which countries are most vulnerable to global warming?

The United States has been one of the worst offenders of climate change, but its greenhouse gas emissions are dwarfed by those of other countries.

A new report from the University of California-Berkeley found that emissions from the US were the most significant contributor to global sea level rise, with a global average of 1.15 millimeters per year, or about the same as what the planet was projected to see in the middle of this century.

Other major contributors included China, India, Brazil, Russia, and South Africa.

This has been an extremely rapid acceleration in global warming. 

“It’s not just the U.S., it’s pretty much all of the industrialized world,” Paul Wertheimer, a research fellow at UC-Berkely and lead author of the report, told The Next Wires.

“We’re seeing that the sea level is rising faster than anywhere else in the world.”

Wertheim is a member of the UC-San Diego Bay Center for Climate and Environmental Research.

“The United States is the single largest polluter, and we’re going to be the biggest contributor to sea level change,” he said.

The report was commissioned by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

The research was conducted by UC-Berkley’s climate and environment program.

It found that US emissions were more than two times larger than other countries that were surveyed, and about twice as much as those of the European Union.

The United Kingdom was one of only three countries to emit more than its annual emissions.

But the US was far behind countries like Germany and Canada.

Wertheim said that despite the U,S.

being the top producer of greenhouse gases, the US also emitted the most greenhouse gases per capita, with nearly seven times as much.

The report notes that the US has the largest carbon dioxide emissions per capita of any country, and the highest concentration of carbon dioxide in the air. 

Wertheimer noted that the United States also has a high carbon dioxide concentration in the soil and water, which can be released when land is used to grow crops.

“What we’ve seen here is a clear-cut example of how CO2 emissions are a very large contributor to climate change,” Werthel said.

“The world needs to take these CO2 impacts into account.”

Werthel noted that it’s not uncommon for a country to see a reduction in sea level in the future. 

For instance, if a country is making land use more intensive, or if it is increasing the amount of carbonate mineralization in the ground, that could lead to a decrease in the amount and extent of carbon that can be stored in the oceans, he said, adding that it may also lead to more water and less ice covering the globe.

“The tipping point for sea level could be anywhere from 2050 to 2080,” he told The New York Times.

“If that’s the case, we will need to plan for sea-level rise in the U .

S. and other parts of the world that are particularly vulnerable.” 

Read more about the oceans and the atmosphere here:

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