When you’re in trouble, call for help in rural areas

The Philippines has a lot to celebrate this year: It was voted the world’s happiest country, and the Philippines has been crowned the most livable country in the world.

But there’s one thing we all have to get our minds around when it comes to how to get there: How to find a place to live.

Here are five places to get a roof over your head in rural Manila.


The Pancho Villa Huntington In a city full of sprawling houses, the Panchos Villa Huntinganton is the perfect place to stay in rural Philippines.

It’s located in Pampanga province, near the Philippines-China border.

It was founded in 1789, but has been continuously expanding since the 1970s, when the first residents arrived.

Its population now stands at about 1.3 million, according to a 2016 census.

The sprawling grounds, which have a total of 7,000 houses, are perfect for families who want to live in harmony.

In the evenings, locals will dance in the garden, while children play outside.


The Villa of the Saints of Jesus Christ In this little-known village, you can enjoy a traditional lunch or dinner in a renovated 19th century building.

In its center is the Villa of St. Joseph, a place where a saint of the Church of Jesus God of Latter-day Saints would have a lunch or breakfast.

The building has a small chapel, a chapel to which the faithful will pray, a statue of Sts.

Joseph and Saint Thomas Aquinas, and a chapel that was used by Saint Thomas.

The church has also had an art museum and a school.


The Palace of the Blessed Virgin Mary In Manila, you won’t find many places to enjoy the country’s traditional feast of the holy Virgin Mary.

The city’s capital, Manila, is home to many other shrines, but the Virgin Mary is the most prominent and most venerated.

The basilica, built in 1833, is one of the oldest structures in Manila.

It has a mosaic of frescoes from various eras, including the earliest depiction of the Virgin, according the National Gallery of the Philippines.

Visitors will also find the church that was built by the late saint.


The Bicol Gardens There are plenty of beautiful sights in the Bicol region.

But the Bicol Gardens is the countrys most popular tourist attraction.

It consists of an outdoor terrace where you can sit, read, watch a movie, or go for a stroll.

The garden is a popular destination for children to play, and it is open year-round.

In summer, you’ll find the area covered with a beautiful canopy of trees that give the area its tropical color.


The St. James Church of the Ascension In the early 20th century, this church was the residence of the famous Baptist preacher and evangelist, St. George.

Today, it’s the home of the Bishops Conference of the Philippine State of Mindanao.

It serves as the meeting place for the bishops of all religious denominations and serves as a center for social and political events.

The Cathedral is also home to a beautiful painting by local artist Paolo Rizzo, which is on loan from the National Arts Museum.

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