When the ‘Cabo’ sinks, ‘I’ll take the loss’

In a country where more than 90% of the population is under 18, it can be hard to find a job in the tourism industry.

But there are a few jobs available to a small group of people, and they make up the majority of the tourist industry.

They’re called “cabo resorts” and their popularity is growing.

“Cabo” means “pool” in Portuguese, and is used to describe any pool, whether it’s a beach, swimming pool or a river.

This pool is called the “Cabo” because it’s on a main street, and it’s the pool in this village where two friends, Miguel and Guillermo, meet.

Miguel is a photographer and Guilla, a fisherman, are fishermen.

When Miguel comes home from a trip to the beach, he takes his friend and his fishing rod to a nearby pool, which he uses to catch a fish.

He calls it the “Pool Cabo.”

“I’ll just use the water in my hand to fish,” Miguel says, laughing.

“I’m the one who comes to the pool Cabo every day, to make sure the fish is alive.”

Miguel, a 35-year-old father of four, fishes with a fishing rod.

The locals say he’s a very good fisherman, because the local fishermen make a living from their catch.

“It’s a good way to make money,” Miguel tells me.

“For me, fishing is a way to go out and have fun, and to see people and the country.”

Miguel and his friend, Guilla.

Guillero, who is also 30, is the manager of a nearby tourist park, where he is also a photographer.

He’s also a fisherman.

They live in a small, small village in the southern part of the country called “Villanha de leya.”

“There are only two cabos in Villanha, the Cabo and the Cabo villa,” Miguel explains.

The two are the most popular tourist spots in the town.

Miguel says he usually catches fish, but sometimes he can make money fishing with a “Pool” fishing rod, which is a little longer and wider than a fishing net.

The fishermen use the fishing rod for catching fish.

“Sometimes, they take their rods and sell them for a lot of money,” he says.

“But I don’t do that.”

Miguel says that he makes about 200 pesos a day.

The fishing rod is usually used for catching and selling fish.

Miguel and the other two friends are all fishermen.

Miguel fishes in the “pool cabo.”

Guilla is a fisherman at a nearby fishing station.

“We live a very simple life here,” Miguel said.

“The water is always clean, there are no pollutants, no garbage.

If there’s any garbage, it’s all taken care of by the local people.”

In the village, there’s a swimming pool, a pool house, a “Cabela” swimming pool and a large fishing boat that has three people.

The local fisherman, Miguel, who lives in Villagui, a small village that is also in the Cabos.

“This is where we get to see the whole world,” Miguel told me.

In Villagua, people often take a “cabo vacation” in the city of Porto, about a 40-minute drive away.

In Porto there are many different tourist spots, including the “Boca da Barra” and the “Pulpo.”

There’s also an “Ecoles de Porto” (the Eco Tourist Beach), a “Pelvic Gym” and a “Fiesta de Portos” swimming center.

Villaguian residents are usually very respectful of the fishing boats.

“Most of the locals are good to us, and we always get a good reception,” Miguel explained.

“And then, we also have a lot to talk about.

It’s a lot easier to talk with a local than with a foreigner.”

Miguel said that he always talks to the local fisherman and their children about the things that they want to know.

“A lot of things go on in the fishing industry here,” he said.

Miguel, his father and his two friends.

Miguel has been fishing in the area for more than 20 years.

He said that most of the fishermen here have no previous experience in fishing.

“Some of them have no experience in the water,” Miguel recalled.

“They’ve been fishing for years, and now they want something to do with it.”

Miguel explains that the fishermen don’t get much money from the fishing.

He says they just get a little bit of money from each fish they catch.

Miguel said he never gets any remuneration from the locals.

He believes that people in the tourist area are very protective of the industry.

“People think that we don’t have any problems with the fishing,” Miguel continued.

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