When it comes to the new Palestinian leader: Is Mahmoud Abbas an obstacle to peace?

With the new government in place, Palestinians in Ramallah have begun to take advantage of the new opportunities afforded by the formation of the Palestinian Authority, the governing body in charge of allocating funds and issuing bonds. 

With the exception of a few days, they have been quiet in the streets of Ramallah, and in the public squares of East Jerusalem, despite a flurry of activity that has included protests and demonstrations, according to local Palestinian sources. 

At least five Palestinian citizens have been killed in Israel since June 15, the day Israel imposed its punitive siege on Gaza. 

Despite the violence, however, Palestinians continue to make use of the opportunity that Israel has afforded them to express their anger and anger at the policies of the Israeli government. 

“In our time, it is not the time for any protests or demonstrations, as we have nothing against Israel and the state of Israel is not a threat to our country,” said a 26-year-old woman who asked to remain anonymous for fear of being ostracized by her family.

“We have a Palestinian brother and sister who are in the occupation and the occupation is not our enemy, so we cannot make any protest against the occupation. 

 “We have no problems with the PA or the Palestinian government, but we do not like the Israeli policies, so there are some people who are against us, but they are not the majority of us.” 

In addition to the protesters, several groups have staged demonstrations in support of the Palestinians and are also carrying out actions that are often seen as provocative by Israeli authorities. 

The first demonstration, called “Gaza, Palestine: We will be here” on Saturday, took place in the Qalandia neighborhood of East Ramallah.

The demonstration was led by the Palestinian Students’ Society, the largest of the group that is part of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a group that calls for a boycott of Israel. 

After several hours of demonstrations, the police reportedly cordoned off the area. 

According to eyewitnesses, the crowd of about 1,000 people began to move toward a small mosque that has been under construction in the area since April. 

One of the organizers of the demonstration, a 22-year old student from Bethlehem, told Al Jazeera that they were trying to bring the Israeli authorities to their attention for their policies. 

Al Jazeera also spoke to a Palestinian woman from Bethlehem who identified herself as a member of the Fatah movement, who said that she was not involved in the protest but had heard of it and was glad to see people taking part in it. 

A large number of Palestinian flags were flying in the air, and many Palestinians, who did not have the luxury of a separate vehicle to travel to the protest, chose to use the street in the middle of the street to cross over to the side of the road. 

When the crowd reached the mosque, the Israeli army reportedly fired tear gas at them, injuring at least five protesters.

The police responded by detaining many protesters for questioning, while other protesters were taken to the nearby town of Deir Yassin. 

As of early Sunday, there were more than 100 arrests, according a Palestinian source who said the number of protesters arrested could be higher than the number who have been arrested. 

Police have arrested at least 15 Palestinians in connection with the protests, according the Palestinian source, who added that the number could rise as the protests continue. 

On Sunday, an officer at the police station in East Ramli, a city in the occupied West Bank, was killed by a Palestinian in an attack that has sparked tensions between the police and protesters. 

Several other Palestinians were wounded in the attack, which also wounded two policemen. 

In a separate incident, a Palestinian driver who was traveling on the Gaza border with Israel on Saturday was injured in a collision with a car that was trying to cross into Israel.

The driver managed to avoid a second car that tried to ram the vehicle.

The Israeli Border Police arrested a Palestinian man who was driving the vehicle that was involved in this incident, according TOI, a news agency. 

Israeli forces have also reportedly arrested several people during the protests in the West Bank. 

There were reports of Israeli forces using tear gas against protesters in Ramli on Saturday. 

Earlier on Sunday, a group of Palestinians in Gaza, including the mother of an eight-year, two-month-old baby, went on a hunger strike in solidarity with the Palestinian people. 

They are demanding that the Israeli state recognize them as the official representatives of the people of Gaza.

The group is demanding that they be allowed to return to their homes. 

During the hunger strike, Israeli forces reportedly opened fire on the group, injuring two people and injuring another. 

Following the attack in Gaza on Saturday and on Sunday night, Israeli security forces have reportedly launched a number of raids against Palestinians in East Jerusalem. 

Palestinian Authority President

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