When did you know you wanted to be a veterinarian?

You’ve probably seen pictures of some of the most beautiful creatures in the world.

But where did you find out about them?

And when did you actually discover that you wanted one?

This is a question that has intrigued many animal lovers since the beginning of time.

For the past 15 years, animal lover Marla Vigna has been researching the world’s most famous creatures, from elephants to penguins.

And her latest book, Animal Chronicles: A Guide to the Animals that Matter to Us, is about the most important animals that matter to us.

So far, Vignas books have been sold over 300 million copies and she’s written hundreds of articles for the Associated Press, Time, Scientific American and many other publications.

Vignaa’s fascination with the world of animals started as a young girl, when she was sent to live with a family in Japan and learned to play with them.

When she was 13, Visca and her family moved to Hawaii.

Now a senior writer at The Nature Conservancy, Vissar has written over 30 books, many of them about animals.

Viscar has also written several books about her own family, including How to Speak Like an Elephant and How to Talk Like an African Elephant.

Vissara and her husband, former Marine Sergeant Jim Viscardi, have two daughters, a grandson and a granddaughter.

Videsa is currently raising money for the National Geographic Society for Animals.

“It’s so great to be able to share this work with the public and to show what animals really look like,” Viscara said.

“What I love most about the work we do is we know so much about animals and we can share that with people who are so curious.

And we can teach them a little bit about what’s important in life.”

Viscarrettes passion for animals is evident on the pages of Animal Chronicles.

She wrote about a species called the golden eagle that was endangered, and how the species can be threatened by climate change and invasive species.

She also spoke about the importance of a species that is often overlooked when we think of animals.

She spoke about how many species are endangered or endangered and how it’s not always easy to find out why a species is in trouble.

“I just think that the stories we tell about animals are just amazing,” Vignar said.

Vices interest in animals is even greater.

Vises fascination with animals is well-known.

Her children are animals, and she says she often talks about animals with them as they watch her kids play.

Vise is an avid gardener, and says she is always trying to find plants and animals to decorate.

Visci also loves animals.

When her husband and kids were growing up, Vises husband worked for a local nursery and kept his animals at the nursery, Visces said.

She had a big collection of animals and would go on trips to places like Australia and the Bahamas with the animals.

“The animals I was trying to keep, I had never seen before,” Vises said.

After graduating from the University of Hawaii with a degree in veterinary science, Visse became a veterinarian at the University Medical Center in Honolulu.

Visse says her love of animals began as a child when she watched the animals at animal shows.

She says she found out about animals through her kids and friends.

“One of the first times I met an elephant, I thought, Wow, that’s a big one,” Vise said.

It was in college, and I saw him at a zoo.

I knew he had an elephant somewhere, so I went over and took pictures.

I wanted to show him to my parents.

I was like, Hey, you know, how big is this one?

And they were like, No, I don’t think he has one.

I said, You mean he’s big enough that he could fit into my lap?

They were like no, you can’t go that big.

And I thought that was cool.

I thought I could get an elephant to walk on my lap.

It wasn’t until she met me that I knew I had something special.

Vissa said that her love for animals has changed over the years, even though she has always been a veterinarian.

Vistices life is full of traveling.

She said she would like to spend more time on her own, but she said that if she was ever to travel to an exotic locale, she would look out for the animals first.

Vistas daughter, Samantha, is also an avid animal lover.

She has been traveling for the past five years to exotic destinations and has been very impressed with the wildlife she has seen.

“There’s so many amazing animals and so many interesting stories,” Vissa says.

“Animals are wonderful.

And to be in a position where you have to protect those animals is really great.

I just think animals should be taken care of.

I think that animals need to be cared for in a way that is sustainable

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