What is the first thing you would like to know about the new Tesla Model 3?

A new Tesla is finally here.

While it’s still not officially announced, we now know the Model 3 is coming.

The first thing we would like you to know is that the Model S is still going to be available.

However, the Model X will be available later.

If you want to go to a Model X show, you’ll need to wait until December for a limited release.

If your local Tesla dealer has the Model III, they’ll sell you the car for $37,995.

The Model 3 was announced last week, and it looks like the new Model 3 will be a sedan.

However the Model 4 is coming soon and will probably be a crossover with a crossover bed.

Tesla has also revealed a new crossover that will likely be called the Model M.

We know it’s going to cost around $50,000, but it’ll probably be about the same as the Model 2.

You’ll get the standard battery pack, which is the same battery pack as the standard Model S. The new battery pack is going to have a higher capacity and it’ll have a larger battery pack that will be much more powerful than the existing Model 3 battery pack.

The new Model X is a crossover between a sedan and a crossover.

It’ll be a 5.0-liter V8 engine with a peak torque of 575 Nm.

It’s going be called a 590KW hybrid.

There’s a smaller hybrid version of the Model 1 that’s a bit smaller, but has similar performance.

The smaller hybrid will be called Model 3.

The Tesla Model S has a 7.0L V8 and the Tesla Model X has a 6.0 L V8.

The Model 3’s 8.0 litre V8 is the most powerful one ever made, and we’ve heard rumors that it’s also the most efficient.

The first few Model 3 models are going to come with some pretty hefty price tags, but we’re not expecting any surprises.

You might have noticed that Tesla is releasing a Model 3 in three colors: silver, black, and red.

That’s because that’s how they want the Model E to look.

This is also what Tesla wanted.

The next few Model S and X models will be released with different colors, but Tesla will keep it a secret.

We can also expect the Model Y to be an SUV as well.

That car will be similar to the Model XX, but the exterior of the Y is going be more like the Model XXXX.

We’re also expecting a more expensive Model X, so we can expect a more powerful Model X than the Model XL.

The other models that will go into production are the X, XS, and XL.

Tesla will start releasing the Model 5 in 2019.

Tesla is expecting the Model 6 and Model 7 to come out in 2020.

It looks like Tesla will be releasing the full range of its electric cars, so expect to see more electric vehicles in the future.

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