The World Cup in Maldives is a ‘complete disaster’

By Tom Gillingham AUSTRALIA has been gripped by a deadly outbreak of coronavirus that has killed at least 50 people and infected more than 100 million others worldwide.

The World Cup will not start until June 12, which means the start of the tournament will be in March, and the first two games of the Asian Cup will take place on March 14.

The coronaviruses coronavillavirus, or COVID-19, has killed more than 40,000 people in the United States, according to the World Health Organisation.

The virus has also caused a global economic recession that has seen millions of jobs lost and millions more forced to move overseas.

The outbreak began on May 16, but the death toll has now risen to 50, the most recent figures from the WHO show.

The pandemic began with two new coronaviral infections in India in March and the coronavivirus has since spread to eight countries, including the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, South Africa and Indonesia.

The last case was reported in Singapore on March 17.

“This is the worst coronaviolosis outbreak since the 1918 pandemic,” Dr Tony Zabriskie, WHO Director General, said in a statement.

“We are at the point of no return.”

The virus was first identified in Indonesia, but experts say it has now spread to the Philippines, Malaysia, China and the United Kingdom.

The WHO says it has seen two cases in Singapore and a third in Malaysia, where one person is in a critical condition.

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