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TUSCANVAILLE, La.—A family’s dream of an outdoor terrace at their cottage overlooking the lake has turned into a nightmare as the family’s lake villa in Lubbock was evacuated after the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) deemed it unsafe.

According to the Associated Press, a Texas Department for Water Resources (DWR) spokesperson said the family had reported the cottage to the agency because it was “too dangerous” to return.

The DWR said the property is owned by a family who lived in Lufkin, Texas, and had a swimming pool in the property for years.

The family had a pond at their lake property, but the pond had to be drained.

The family told Waco television station KUT that they had called the agency to let them know they were going to be moving their cottage and they would be moved to another location.

The AP reported that the family was planning to return to the lake once they were ready to do so.

The agency said it was unsure of the familys reasons for the evacuation.

A spokesperson for the DWR told the AP the agency was investigating the incident.

The Lake Villa Resort has received a warning from the DFW.

We are investigating to determine if this is the reason the family decided to evacuate, said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson added that the DFS would not comment on whether the family were evacuated or not.

We do have a safe and secure system in place that we have worked hard to implement, she added.

A family of five lives in the cottage, which was listed on Airbnb for $4,000 per month.

It has been rented since January.

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