The best beaches in Italy 2018

A few years ago, when I was still a kid, I was living in Naples and a friend of mine was staying there.

We would go to a small beach and play in the surf.

In the summers, it was always the same.

We had fun.

It was great to swim in the sea, but we were always hungry.

One day, I remember walking in front of my friend’s house and I saw a big pile of fish in the sand.

I asked him to feed them.

He looked at me with a huge smile, and said, “I’m the best fisherman in the world.”

Then I asked how I could get that kind of fish.

I told him I knew a friend who could help me, and he gave me the name of a fish shop in Venice, where I bought some fish and I bought all kinds of fish for him.

Then I went to the fish market and bought some of the most beautiful fish I could find.

He gave me some more and I was like, “Thank you, thank you.”

The rest is history.

We still go there, even today.

I’m very proud of that experience.

The people at the fish markets are so nice and friendly, and I love that they help me buy all the fish I want.

But I’m not sure if I want to live in Italy anymore, because I feel like I don’t have enough fish.

The best way to live and learn about nature and fish is to be on the beach.

You’ll never have to go anywhere else.

In fact, you can buy a boat or even a canoe for the beach in a day or two.

And if you want to swim, there are plenty of opportunities.

If you’re a fisherman, I’d like to see you at one of the local waters.

As a matter of fact, I have a book coming out soon about the best beaches.

But in the meantime, I can share with you what I’ve learned and what I’m doing right now in Venice.

If we can share a few things, that would be very helpful.


Be careful with the fishing nets and fishing poles.

I know some fishermen have a habit of pulling out the nets and catching fish with them.

They don’t know how to use them properly, and it results in them catching a lot of fish and making a lot more money.

And they also end up using them for their own purposes.

So when you see them, be careful.

I also think they need to learn how to clean their fishing nets.

If they’re not using them properly and they get caught in the net, they will lose a lot.


Make sure you are wearing sunscreen on the beaches and that you take the time to remove all the sunscreen on your clothes and then wash them thoroughly before you leave the house.


Never take a boat without a guide.

I’ve been there a couple of times myself and the guides were always great.

They were always very polite and gave me tips.

But it was important to know the rules of the beach, because they weren’t always followed.

The rules of nature don’t change.

If I’m going to the beach and I see a fishing line, I just take a fish out and throw it in the water.

And that is what we do, because it’s the way nature works.


Always wear sunscreen on a sunny day and always wash your hands before you eat or drink.


If there’s something in the sun, do it with your clothes on, not with your hands.

When you are walking in the street, make sure you’re wearing your clothes.

And you don’t go in the open or on the street and do stuff with your shoes.

The street is the best place for sunburn.

It’s not just about how many times you wear sunscreen, but also about how much you sweat.


Get a guide who is experienced with the water and knows how to navigate it.

You will be much more successful if you have a guide with you at all times.

The guide will take the right turns, and if you make a mistake, the guide will correct you.


I have two sons, and they are very happy when they see me on the shore.

I love seeing them, so I want them to be very happy too.

The way I’m living right now is very different from the way they grew up. 8.

Do not buy anything from the grocery store unless it is the most expensive item.

You never know what’s in the store.

I buy everything from the best brands that I can find.

I even buy from online sellers.

I never buy anything that costs more than $5.


Always bring your own sunscreen, and don’t use sunscreen on clothes, as it can make your skin worse.


Don’t buy anything at a shop unless it’s a high-end brand, such as Chanel, Marc Jacobs or Gucci.

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