Thai villa, Nyc, New Jersey to close by July 4th

NYC —  Thai villas, a popular tourist attraction in the New Jersey area, have closed on Friday, after a fire ripped through the building.

In the early morning hours of Thursday, fire crews were called to the 7,600-square-foot villa in the town of Poconos, just north of Jersey City, New York, and found that the roof had collapsed and the property was on fire, officials said.

No injuries were reported.

The building’s owner, D’Angelo V. DiMaggio, who has owned the villas for nearly 40 years, told The Associated Press he is “devastated” by the fire.

“My heart is broken,” he said.

“It’s devastating.

I can’t believe it.”

DiMaggios family is located in New York City and has a house nearby.

The owner said the villa was his “best business and my family’s best,” according to the AP.

The fire damaged several nearby homes and an adjacent restaurant.

There was no word on how many guests were in the villagas at the time of the fire, but the owner said there was no sign of smoke.

DiMoggios is a well-known figure in the area, having built several other structures including the luxury Waldorf Astoria in New Jersey.

He has lived in the Villas at Poconoshos since 2001, according to a listing on the town’s website.

Last year, DiMoggio built a $1.4 million mansion in the neighboring town of Middletown, New Hampshire.

Earlier this year, he built the $7 million house in a neighboring township, Poconosa.

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