Aussie retailer Walmart to open 2 luxury villas in Spain

WalMart has agreed to build a luxury villa and apartments in Spain for a price of $20 million.The project will also include an outdoor spa and outdoor dining area, the company said.“This is the first of a number of projects we will undertake to expand our existing portfolio of Villas, villas and apartments, both in […]

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Maui koanapali Villas Near Me Are Getting Real Estate for Sale

Maui, Hawaii — A Maui-based real estate agent is taking a rare step to increase the value of the villas in a luxury Maui mall. Walgreens Hawai’i has partnered with Walmart to sell off some of the remaining villas for $25 million.The shopping center at the Village Near Me is in the Maui Koanapalu Shopping Center, […]

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Disney to Release 3D Animated Adventures for the Disney Park in 2019

Disney will release 3D animated adventures for the Walt Disney World Resort in 2019, the company announced today.The new adventures will be part of a Disney Parks and Rec series dubbed Disney Adventures for 2019.The first of these will be a Disney Adventures: The Journey To Disney Springs, a special short adventure in the park […]

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When Pizza Villas in France Are the Only Thing You Can Eat at Walmart

Villas are the latest trend in the restaurant industry.From pizza and pasta to sushi and sushi bar, they’re the latest thing to arrive in France and they’re here to stay.But for now, these little shops can only offer one thing: a pizza.But what are they?They’re called pizza villas and the answer is simple: they’re pizzas.And […]

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