How to get a taste of the villa with an ocean view

From the luxury villa of a former governor in Italy to the beachside villa in Switzerland, this summer villa has everything you need to explore the Caribbean.1.Vacation in the villas home (€1,500) 2.Swim in the Caribbean pool with an electric water-skiing machine 3.Learn the history of the Caribbean in this exclusive book about the island […]

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The Villa Woodbine: A New York Pizza Bar in the Sunset is a New York-Style Pizza Source TechCrunch

Villas are the place to be, and that’s exactly what Villas Woodbines is doing with the first of its newest restaurants.The chain has partnered with the Manhattan Public Library to launch its new neighborhood restaurant, which will have a bar and a full menu of pizzas.The menu is based on the Manhattan pizzeria’s signature pies, […]

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How to build a Westin Kierland Villas at $1,200 per sq ft: How to get a 2,000 sq ft villa at $200 per square foot?

Westin, a luxury hotel chain, has opened two new villas in the heart of the New York City borough of Manhattan.The new Westin Village Inn, located in Westin Plaza, is a 2.5-bedroom hotel with 2,400 square feet of living space.The hotel is located in the Westin Center and offers guests the opportunity to stay in […]

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