How to find a new beach vacation spot near Washington, DC

Washington, D.C. (AP) There are a few things you need to know to get the best possible value from your next vacation in Washington, from hotel accommodations to a good spot to eat and hang out with friends.Here are some things you can expect to find at the Grand Canyon, the Blue Ridge Mountains, the […]

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Trump announces new steak house, restaurant in New Mexico

Trump announced on Thursday that he is adding two new restaurants to his ranch in New Milford, New Mexico.The Trump Taj Mahal in Milford will be the first of two Trump-owned restaurants to open in the state.The company announced plans to open a second restaurant in the town of Milford in 2018.Trump said the addition […]

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Which hotels are in Marriotas villas in Jamaica

MarriotAS Villas in JAMAICA are being sold to hoteliers in the Caribbean, including Marriott.Photo: Supplied MarriotAs Villas In JAMAICas VillasInJamaica are being sold to hotelieries in the  Caribbean,including Marriott.The sale comes as the government is expected to release a report into the impact of tropical tropospheric conditions on the lives of people in the country.The government’s response is expected to call for a […]

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The Westgate Vacation Villas That Are Perfect For Vacationers

When you travel to Westgate, you’ll enjoy the best views of the surrounding countryside.It’s a gorgeous place to spend a weekend with friends, so plan on spending some time here.It has a variety of villas for rent, and many of them are very beautiful.Whether you’re looking for a private or corporate villa, we’ve listed some […]

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Pizza is back in the kitchen, but there’s a price to be paid for that pizzas, according to one Italian restaurant owner

VILLA BELLA, Italy — As Italian restaurant owners scramble to recover from a recession that has crippled the country, some are looking for ways to turn their businesses around and attract new customers.The result: The pizza is back at the top of the menu.But for some, it’s becoming a challenge to sell a piece of […]

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The villa at legacy in Virginia, VA has been renamed after a man who died in WWII

VILLA WOODBINE, Va.— The villas at legacy and rica gai, where a woman died in World War II, have been named after people who died serving in the military.Villas at Legacy in Virginia is now named for a soldier named Charles H. Woodbine who died of an accidental heart attack at the U.S. Naval Hospital […]

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