See who has been booked as part of this year’s MTV Movie Awards 2016

MTV has announced the nominees for this year of the 20th annual MTV Movie Award.

Among them are a trio of high-profile faces, including the first black actor in the MTV Movie Hall of Fame, Michael B. Jordan, who has won three Grammys and two Oscars for his work in the series of films The Decision, The Wedding Singer and The Family Stone.

The nominees for the Golden Globe, Golden Globe Actress in a Supporting Role, and Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture are also announced.

The nominations for the MTV Film Awards are also up for consideration.

The show’s stars, including Brie Larson, will also be nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series category, which also includes the Outliers series, and the Outspoken and Outspoken Comedy series.

MTV also announced that MTV Movie and MTV Movie Classic winners are also being considered.

The Awards are scheduled to be broadcast live from the Dolby Theatre on March 17, 2016 at 7 p.m.


Watch the full nominations and full list of nominees below.

The nominees for each category for MTV’s 20th Annual MTV Movie & MTV Movie Classics Awards are as follows:Outstanding Comedy – Michael B Jordan (The Wedding Singer)Michael B. Jordans best film, The Decision was a huge success for the star-making director.

In a career spanning six decades, Jordan won four Grammys for his roles in The Wedding Song, The Big Sick, The Perfect Guy and The Social Network.

He was also nominated for Best Actor in the Best Motion Picture for his performance in The Social NETWORK.

The Outstanding Musical Direction – Billy Eichner (The Perfect Guy)Billy Eichnofsky, a legendary director, composer, producer, screenwriter and performer, is nominated for his musical direction of the best film of the year, The Great Beauty.

Eichner’s musical score was praised for its haunting lyrics and evocative score, and it received the Audience Award for Best Musical Direction at the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.

He won a Grammy for Best Original Song for his score for The Great Bird.

Eisley’s Wedding – Sarah Michelle Gellar (The Great Bird)The award for best actress for Sarah Michelle Gibbs’ adaptation of the life story of Eisley and her husband, George, will go to Amy Adams, who plays Eissey.

Adams was nominated for her performance as the widow, a widower whose life has changed after her husband’s death.

Adams won an Academy Award for Outstanding Actress for her role in the film.

Adams also won the award for Outgoing Original Screenplay for The Last of the Summer Wine.

The Best Original Score for a Motion picture – Ben Stiller (The Book of Eli)Ben Stiller won a Golden Globe for his screenplay for The Book of Elihu, a story of a young boy and a wise older woman who help a man navigate his way through a difficult childhood.

The Oscar-nominated director is also nominated in the Motion Picture Soundtrack category for his film The Book Of Eli.

In an unprecedented move, MTV has chosen the musical direction for the final three categories, which are as follow:Best Original Song – Billy Murray (Billy Murray)Billy Murray is a Grammy-nominee for best composer for his Oscar-winning score for his role as the voice of the narrator in The Book and The Book: Book of Secrets, and a Pulitzer Prize-nomination winner for his song for his portrayal of George Washington in his memoir.

Murray has also received two Grammys (the same amount as his best picture score) for the film The Audacity of Hope.

In his acceptance speech, Murray told the audience that he felt compelled to perform the song in the last three categories to honor all those who were still working to make their dreams a reality.

In the film, Murray said, “This song was written for me when I was 13 years old.

It’s written for the kids who are still trying to do what they always want.

It was written in the hopes that one day they’ll be able to do it.

And I believe that this is one of the most important songs of all time.

And you know what?

I think we all should be grateful for this.”

In his speech, he also thanked the Academy for recognizing his work and saying that he believes that “music can inspire people to do anything they want to do.”

The Motion Picture Score of a Motion pictures – Tom Ford (The Grand Budapest Hotel)Tom Ford has received two Golden Globes for his original score for the movie The Grand Budapest Tour, and for his vocal performance in the movie.

He has also won an Emmy Award for the role of Don Quixote.

In the musical score for this film, Ford also won two Grammies.

He also won a Pulitzer for his music in The Grand Tour.

Ford also received an Oscar nomination for his outstanding score for Birdman, which won the Best Original Music Score for the third

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