Restaurant in Jamaica offers ‘mixed menu’ of traditional Caribbean fare

Restaurants in Jamaica offer “mixed menus” of traditional Jamaican cuisine.

Here are some of the most popular spots in Jamaica.


Jumbo-style Ramada on the corner of East and South Main Streets is a typical Jamaican restaurant with a traditional Jamaic flair, offering Jamaican-style ramadas and traditional Jamaica cuisine.


The Jumbo is a traditional Jamaica-style restaurant on East Main Street.

Its menu features traditional Jamaicans recipes such as fish tacos and rice and beans with potatoes and onions.


The Cajun Kitchen is a Jamaican style restaurant on South Main Street in Jamaica’s capital.

Its traditional Jamai-style dishes include chicken, pork belly, fish tacos, and shrimp stew.


The Dine-in is a classic Jamaican dining establishment on South Street in Kingston.

It is a favorite spot of the Jamaican community.


The Gourmand, also known as The Greenroom, is a popular Jamaican food and drink bar on West Main Street, in Jamaica City.

Its signature menu includes a range of Jamaican foods including seafood and traditional Jamaica fare.


The Lido is a food and wine bar on East St. Mary’s Street in Port Royal.

Its specialty is traditional Jamaian fare.


The Nino is a family-owned restaurant in Jamaica with a Jamaic atmosphere and a Jamaica menu.

It offers traditional Jamais recipes and traditional Caribbean dishes.


The Ramada is a small Jamaican restaurants that serves traditional Jamaish food and drinks.


The Rave is a restaurant that serves Jamaican dishes.

Its food is made by Jamaican family members and is often served in a traditional atmosphere.


The Bazaar is a specialty Jamaican street market that serves Caribbean-style food and Jamaican drinks.


The Restaurant at the Zoo is a street market on East Street in downtown Kingston.

Its main attraction is Jamaican and Caribbean-inspired food and a selection of Jamai foods.


The Food Truck at the Greenhouse is a fast-food restaurant that specializes in Jamaican cuisines.

Its owners, Marlon and Mandy R. Sousa, are Jamaican immigrants.

They open their first restaurant in Kingston on East and West Main Streets in December of 2016.


The Red Carpet is a music venue on the edge of downtown Kingston that features local music.

Its hosts Jamaican musicians such as The Bluegrass Band, and the music is produced by Jamaica artists.


The Tasty Shack is a casual, family-friendly eatery that serves a Jamai menu.

The menu is a mixture of traditional and Jamaic foods.


The Jungle Grill is a Jamaica-inspired restaurant that offers traditional Caribbean and Jamaica dishes.

It serves Jamaicans foods such as pork belly and shrimp with potatoes.


The Caribbean Restaurant offers traditional Jamaica cuisine at a Jama-centric dining experience.


The Pimple Lounge is a Caribbean-themed bar that serves exotic Caribbean cuisine.


The Stovepipe Lounge is an intimate, family and friends-oriented Jamaican bar.


The Garden Café is a modern, hipster-friendly bar that offers Jamaican fare and cocktails.


The Jamaican Kitchen is an upscale Jamaican eatery in downtown Jamaica.

It provides traditional Jamaico dishes such as chicken, fish and rice.

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