Pizza is back in the kitchen, but there’s a price to be paid for that pizzas, according to one Italian restaurant owner

VILLA BELLA, Italy — As Italian restaurant owners scramble to recover from a recession that has crippled the country, some are looking for ways to turn their businesses around and attract new customers.

The result: The pizza is back at the top of the menu.

But for some, it’s becoming a challenge to sell a piece of their livelihood to a new customer, as the economy falters.

In Villa Bella, Italy, the pizza is now in the restaurant’s kitchen and the owners hope that customers will want it.

The restaurant is one of the last in the country to keep a full-time employee, and it is not the only one that has had to lay off workers in recent years.

It closed down about a month ago.

“We lost almost all our employees, and I couldn’t even keep a job because we didn’t have the money,” said Francesca Dalla, the owner of the pizzeria, Villa Savoye.

“I’m in a tough situation.

We are a small business that needs money.

The customers who come to the restaurant are the ones who help pay for the bills.”

The pizza at Villa Bella is not for everyone, but the owners said it has proven to be a success in their small market.

“It’s the best pizza in Italy,” Dalla said.

“If you don’t like it, it is good.”

Pizza in Italy is made by taking slices from a slice of bread and mixing them with water and pepper.

The dough is then rolled into thin circles, usually with a pizza crust on top, and then wrapped in foil.

Then the pizza cooks in a saucepan on a griddle until the crust is golden brown.

The slices are then passed through a machine that makes a crust that can be shaped to taste.

The crust has a soft, slightly puffy top that is usually accompanied by a thin layer of cheese.

The owner of Villa Bergamo, an Italian restaurant near Rome that has been closed for years, said she is still hoping to find new customers to take over the restaurant and keep it open.

But many Italians are not happy with the pizza, and some restaurants have closed in recent weeks.

“There are a lot of people who want to sell it, but we don’t have money,” Andrea Rossi said.

The owners of Villar Bergamo also plan to open a pizza parlor in the coming months.

The business of selling pizza has long been a tradition in Italy, but for decades the traditional pizza was served by a group of pizza chefs.

The traditional recipe is still in use, and the Italian word for “pizza” is actually a pizza.

“People come from all over the world and there is a need for a good pizza,” Della said.

But even though pizza is popular in Italy and has become an integral part of Italian culture, the business of producing and selling it has fallen off since the crisis.

Italian pizza makers have had to rely on the sale of imported ingredients and are struggling to compete with a flood of foreign pizza orders, which have surged in recent months.

Italy is a small country with a population of about 9 million, but a recession is putting the squeeze on the industry.

According to the International Federation of Pizza Societies, Italy has lost almost half of its pizza production since 2008.

The number of restaurants and pizzerias closed since then has doubled to more than 50,000.

“Pizza is still the biggest part of the pizza industry in Italy because there is still so much demand for it,” Dalla said.

Pizza is often used to decorate the dining room, and in recent times, pizza makers and chefs have had a harder time keeping up with the demand.

Pizza parlors, which are not allowed to make their own pizza, are increasingly struggling to keep up with demand, according the International Franchise Association.

A small number of Italian pizza restaurants have reopened since the beginning of the crisis, but most have closed their doors.

The pizza parlor owner said the restaurant owners have tried to keep the business going, but it’s difficult because of the recession.

“For a small number, it has worked well, but I think the rest of the businesses have had trouble.

They are in a difficult situation,” she said.

A Pizza Hut spokesman said the pizza restaurant will reopen next week and is expecting to have an even bigger slice of pizza for customers.

“While we were struggling to find a way to survive, we are now looking forward to being back at work,” the spokesman said in an email.

“The restaurant is back on the menu as we try to help the business reopen.”

For some pizza chefs, the recession is just another day in the life of a pizza shop.

Some chefs have made a living by bringing home orders from overseas. “They are

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