Philippines ‘in danger of drowning’ as water crisis deepens

Philippines officials say more than 70,000 people have been left without drinking water and that the country is in danger of becoming a “water city” due to a lack of proper infrastructure.

The Philippine Water Resources Authority (PHRWA) said on Thursday that water was being stored at its regional headquarters in Manila.

“The PHRWA is preparing to store water in the regional headquarters.

If we need to go back to storage, it is because of a shortage of infrastructure,” PHRPA President Joseph Estrada said in a radio interview with local radio station Radio Rappler.

The water crisis comes as water rationing is being imposed across the country, where authorities say the cost of water has increased by 10 percent in the past few days due to the prolonged drought.

PHRSA Director General Jose Ramon told local media that water has been rationed at the regional and national levels.

He also said that the PHRWP has been unable to secure water for the homes of more than 100,000 households in southern cities such as Quezon City, Bulacan and Davao City.

He said that more than 5,500 water treatment plants were operating without water.

The PHRNP has estimated that more a million people are without drinking and sanitation services in the southern provinces of Mindanao, Lanao del Sur and Samar.

PHrWA Director General Ramon said the shortage in infrastructure has been exacerbated by the prolonged droughts.

“We are concerned because it’s very hard to supply water and we’re going to have to ration more and more,” Ramon added.

PHRPWA has been trying to boost supplies by raising the price of water and the supply of other supplies, such as electricity, to cover the cost.

The government is also encouraging businesses and individuals to take on more water-intensive jobs.

“If you have more water, you can earn more money.

If you can’t produce water, the price goes up,” Ramona said.

He added that the water crisis is affecting a lot of poor people.

“These people are in trouble because they don’t have a way to pay their water bill.

So we have to go to them for water,” Ramoni said.

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