NYT: ‘Villas in Greece’ may soon become the country’s national word

A new bakery is planning to bring a word to Greece: “Villas In Greece.”

The bakery, in the western village of Nis, is looking to change the countrys national language to the word.

“It’s going to be a word that is more than just ‘villa’ and ‘greece,’ it’s going be more of a place to be,” said founder Yannikos Vavlopoulos.

The word was first used by the French in 1868, when it was created as an unofficial, shorthand for “the Greek city of Nissen.”

The word “Villa” is used in other languages as well.

In 2014, the word “villa” was created to represent Greece, the nation.

But the word has been slowly fading from the lexicon since then, thanks to the Greek government’s crackdown on words like “nigger” and “homophobe” in the wake of a wave of anti-government protests in the country.

The new bakery, which will include a kitchen, will serve traditional Greek bread and coffee and a selection of traditional Greek snacks, including “chocolate cake.”

The bakery will also be offering its own specialties: sweet potatoes, salad, eggs, and other fresh produce.

Vavlopolos hopes that the new word will resonate with locals, who are tired of being told to “stay home” or to “take your mind off the bad things that happen in Greece.”

“We want people to be able to say ‘Villa’ because it’s a word of Greek origin, and we want people not to be afraid of saying ‘villas’ because of the language, but for the good,” he said.

Villas is an unofficial word that was originally created to refer to a specific place, but the word was later adapted to refer the entire country, meaning the entire population.

It also has become a shorthand for things like “the French language,” which can also be translated as “Greece,” “the English language,” or “the Italian language.”

Vavlos is now looking to add the word to the dictionary, but he’s also seeking donations of other words that have become synonymous with the Greek language, such as “greek” or “majesco.”

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