‘It’s an assault on our freedom’ – U.S. senator blasts Trump as ‘the most dangerous president in American history’

Villanova University’s president has accused President Donald Trump of assaulting a reporter during a private meeting at his mansion, in a rare public statement on the president’s behavior.

“This was an assault and it was an intimidation on our free press and on our democracy,” Villanova President Michael V. Varela said in a statement Tuesday.

“It was a direct assault on the constitutional rights of the reporter and an assault that should never be tolerated.”

Varela cited Trump’s “outrageous” response to a reporter who asked him why the United States had not released video of his inauguration.

Trump said in an interview on NBC’s Meet the Press that the reporter had been treated unfairly and called him a liar.

Trump was quoted in the interview saying he would release video of the inauguration but that the media “is going to be treated very unfairly.”

Trump and his White House have denied the accusation and said Varella was making “a personal attack.”

The statement from Vareca said the reporter, Maria B. Gonzalez, asked Varel about the ongoing protests in Washington, D.C.

Varel said he would respond to the reporter’s question, and that the conversation went well.

Varenla said that the question was about the protests.

Varenla also said that during the meeting with Gonzalez, he told her he was working on an essay and that he hoped he could get her to do an interview for a local newspaper.

Varesla said he asked Gonzalez to bring the essay to him and she did.

Varia la is the second White House official to come out against the president after White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who defended Trump during the presidents first week in office.VARELA said that in the course of the meeting, he asked her about the administration’s decision to not release a video of Trump’s inauguration, which he said he did not expect.

He said he felt that it was the president who was acting inappropriately.

He said he also asked about Trump’s recent actions during the inauguration, including a tweet last week that questioned whether President Barack Obama was born in the United Kingdom.

Varesla also took issue with Trump’s assertion that he is a Muslim.

Variñas statement comes after Villanova’s President Varelan B. Varia released a statement saying the president “has a habit of using the media to distract from his own failings and his missteps.”

Varia said in the statement that the president has not apologized for his statements or actions, but has instead attacked journalists.

Vario said that while Varels statements were not accurate, they are not entirely unfounded.

Verela said the White House has apologized and acknowledged that Varelas comments were not truthful.

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