Italian pizzeria’s owner ‘devastated’ after cat attacks

By JEAN SIMON, NYT Staff ReporterVenetian restaurant Venetian Pizza in Milan is not amused with the cat attack of its owner’s cat.

The owner, a woman who had adopted the cat from an animal shelter, was rushed to hospital with a cat bite, the owners told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Wednesday.

Venetians have an almost universal love for cats.

In fact, it is a popular tourist attraction and there are also a few cat-themed shops in the city.

In an interview with Corrieren della Sola, the owner said she was in shock.

“It is an extremely traumatic event.

I have lost my sanity, my dignity, my health, my ability to have any normal life,” she said.

She said she had had to give up her cat and sell her prized cat toy for money.

“I’m absolutely devastated, but I can’t imagine it will end well.

We are not doing anything to save the cat,” she told the paper.

The owners of the restaurant, a well-known institution in Milan, have launched a GoFundMe page to raise money for the cat’s treatment.

It has so far raised almost $5,000 from more than 1,400 donors, according to the website.

The cat is being cared for by a veterinarian in Milan.

The cat’s owner said her cat had been a good pet and was loving, but she had been bitten more than once.

The restaurant owner told Corrierente della Sole on Wednesday that she was shocked by the cat attacks and the public reaction to the situation.

“We are very lucky, but we have been attacked in a very public place, in the middle of a city, and the cat is not safe,” she explained.

“The cat was a little playful, but now he’s frightened and the bites are getting bigger and bigger,” she added.

She told the newspaper that the owner had contacted the police and has been told that the police will be investigating.

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