‘I don’t want to see a war’: Residents say Trump’s comments on Puerto Rico are ‘unhelpful’

Two residents who live near the island’s capital of San Juan said they’ve heard a lot about President Donald Trump’s remarks about the island that were “unhelpfully” directed at Puerto Ricans, and that they would be “very disappointed” if he were to make similar comments about the US territory. 

Vivian Hernandez and her husband, Mario Hernandez, both 35, are from the Dominican Republic and lived in the Puerto Rico city of San Miguel since 2005. 

They said they are “very upset” by Trump’s recent comments, which were not “in good taste,” and called on him to “stop acting like a dictator.” 

Hernandez said that the US President should apologize for what he said in Puerto Rico, as he was “wrong” to suggest Puerto Ricas problems could be solved by sending American troops to help. 

“The people of Puerto Rico were in a state of crisis for over a decade,” Hernandez told CNN.

“The President’s comments were wrong, and he should apologize,” Hernandez added.

“We are the people who are in Puerto Rican debt, and we need our President to stop acting like the dictator that he is.” 

Trump’s comments have been widely condemned as racist and insensitive, with many Americans denouncing the comments as a “desperate attempt” to deflect blame from the US. 

However, Hernandez said she would be surprised if Trump ever apologized to the island. 

Her husband said that they’re still not 100 percent sure how Trump could possibly apologize to the US citizens of Puerto Ricos debt, given that the island has been in a debt crisis for years.

“We’re very concerned that he’s going to be acting like he did before,” Mario Hernandez told ABC News.

“He was wrong.

He’s wrong.” 

On Sunday, Trump tweeted: “President @POTUS will make his decision on Puerto Rican Debt, Puerto Rico’s future, when I take office in January.

I will meet with the Governor of Puerto Rican State, @RodrigoSanFranco, and other Governors and local leaders.””

As you know, Puerto Ricolas people have been asking for the return of their debt for years and months.

I understand the pain they are going through and the importance of Puerto Rico to our country,” Trump added. 

The island has a $72 billion debt, but Trump has said he’s willing to “pay” the island $1.7 trillion, and the US government has said that Puerto Rico will receive a “fair” deal for its debt.

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