How to order a Pancho Villa Kids Menu

This week’s Panchos Pizza Menu is designed to give you a variety of Panchoros Pizza Pizza options that you can enjoy while in La Costa Villa. 

This menu is only available to order online.

You can check your order status online here . 

The first pizza is a Pancetta Pizza which is made with the classic Panchette Sauce, tomato, and red onions.

This pizza comes with a special sauce and toppings that are also available on the side menu. 

The next Panchotto is the Carne Cacciatore, which is a simple version of the famous Panchoteca Pizza, but made with a combination of peppers, onions, tomatoes, and cheese. 

If you like Pancholones, this is the Pancholi you want.

The final pizza is the Chirpoli which is the version of this classic pizza made with chicken, cheese, and eggplant. 

Each of these pizza options comes with special sauces and toppling options. 

You can enjoy these pizzas in La Casa or at the Pizzeria. 

La Casa is located on the second floor of the Villa Hotel, and is located just a short walk from La Costano Villas, as well as the Punta Gorda and San Cristobal. 

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