How to make the most of the brocktons villa in Roma

ROME — It may have been built as a house, but the brocchi villa on the shores of the Adriatic is something else entirely: a restaurant.

Roma is known for its pizzas, but that has not always been the case.

The pizzeria has been serving Italian cuisine for centuries, but since the Italian Civil War, its been known for a different kind of Italian.

The name of the pizzeria derives from the first pizzeria in Rome, a brockon, which means “a small house.”

But the brocks villa was created in 1959, when the former villa of the Italian-born Italian architect, Gianni Brockon was living in Naples, and he wanted to build a small home that could accommodate a family of four.

When the Italian government started to build apartments for Italians in the 1970s, it created a special category for apartments, and Brockons house was named “the brockons” because it was so small.

So, the Brocktons were given permission to build their first villa.

The villa has a courtyard and is surrounded by a concrete wall.

The kitchen and dining area are made of wood.

The brocknos villa also has a large courtyard, as well as a guest house, dining room, and a balcony that overlooks the Adria River.

The interior of the house was finished in 1968, and it was first visited in 2007 by the owner, a French architect named Jacques Girod.

It was then restored by the Italian architect Roberto Valli, and the first restaurant was opened in 2010.

After a few years of renovations, the villa is ready for its first visitors, and one of the first people to visit it was the Italian actress and singer Marisa Tomei.

In 2013, she went there to find out how the dining room looked like and asked if she could share some tips with her.

Development Is Supported By

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