How to make a house without a roof

It’s a tale from Italy, but the house is in a rural village in Spain.

And the people who live there are trying to build a house from scratch.

For more than five years, the family of David and Catherine Stavri have lived in the tiny village of Villa Borghese in the village of Cajamarca in the mountains of the south-eastern province of Extremadura.

For a while, the village was a working-class community, but since 2010, it has become the main site of a massive construction project which is set to create a massive new community centre, a community hall and an entire community house.

Villa Borghessia, or Villa Borges, has been described as the “house of the future” by local residents, and it is part of a long-running debate over the future of the town.

The town is on the border with Extremaduran, where the area is considered to be the “most dangerous” area for car bombings and other attacks.

The main roads are closed to motorised traffic, and there is little to no access for residents to the outside world.

But David Stavris has never been one to take things for granted.

The construction site for the new community building project, in Villa Borghes, Spain.

David Stavrus, a local businessman, has spent years researching the town and planning the project.

He said that he wanted to create “a house for the people”, as he described his intention to make his new home in a community with “a bit of space, with lots of space”.

“I want it to be a home for the whole family, not just one or two of us,” he told Al Jazeera.

“The main thing is that it is a house of the people, not the people of one building,” he added.’

The most dangerous place in the world’David Stovris, an architect from the town of Cancun, has lived in Villa Villa since the mid-1980s.

His family was the first to arrive in Cancuna in 1985 and built the community home.

The family has lived there ever since.

“They have built houses that are the most dangerous places in the whole world,” he said.

“There is nothing that can stop people from coming to our house, and if they do they would probably kill me,” he explained.

But while the community is full of people from the area, David Stovrus said that the people living in Villa Village are mostly locals.

“It’s very difficult for us to tell them apart, but we know the rules.

We are always talking to the locals, we are always trying to make sure that they understand that we are not foreigners,” he recounted.”

And if you see a stranger, just say hello.

If he doesn’t, just smile and say hello,” he stressed.

“There is no animosity.

There is no hate.

And if they want to talk, we want to listen.”

But when David Stoveres first arrived in Cagliari, he was surprised to find the locals’ hostility towards outsiders.

“I was surprised.

I thought that they are very nice people.

But they didn’t understand me.

And that’s when I understood why they were hostile,” he recalled.

In the village, the residents have built a large community centre for the local people to visit.

David Strovics explained that the centre is part-funded by the government, and is not intended for any other purpose.

“I think that if we can get the government to pay for this, the community will be better,” he remarked.

“But this will not solve the problem of crime in Cajador, because it’s so much bigger than a single house,” he warned.

“We will not have the community to live in here, and this will be very hard for our families,” David Stvros said.

Cancun is an example of how the construction of a new community home can have a huge impact on the local economy.

While it is often a quiet and quiet place, the local area can be home to a range of different businesses, and tourism is a major draw.

“Cancuna has a good economy, but when you have a large construction project in a very isolated part of the country, you can have many economic repercussions,” said Jose Antonio Martínez, a researcher at the Centre for Regional Studies in Extremadur, the region where Cancún is located.

“Because this is the first construction project, you get a huge influx of people.

This is why Cancuas economy is very important.”

As well as being a busy tourist destination, the town has also attracted the attention of the Spanish government.

In 2015, the Government of Extremads Presidency decided to build more community houses in the town, with the aim of creating a “living space for the elderly”.

The construction

Development Is Supported By

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