How to Get a Free Tour of Villa Arco Resort & Spa in the Philippines

This article originally appeared on Breitbart News.

The villas villas are the perfect backdrop for a romantic weekend, and we’ve been living in one for over three years.

In addition to the villas spa, Villa Arcos hotel and villas pool, guests enjoy a variety of other amenities.

A villas main attraction is the stunning Grand Resort Hotel, which offers the best accommodations in the city.

Grand Resort Hotel:The Grand Resort is the second tallest hotel in Manila.

It is located in the southern part of the city, near the International Convention Center, where the city’s hotels meet. 

The Grand Hotel also has two other rooms, which are located on the upper floors of the hotel. 

This room has an open kitchen and a lounge area. 

There are also three balconies with views of the sea and the ocean. 

Grand Resort has a restaurant in the middle of the lobby. 

We have enjoyed the restaurant and pool, which has two dining rooms, a pool room, a restaurant, a spa, a cinema and a bar. 

For a total of eight rooms, guests can choose from three different rooms. 

In addition, guests will also enjoy a private spa room, which is located at the corner of the Grand Hotel. 

It has a private bath and has a steam room, as well as a massage room, where we had the pleasure of having a massage. 

Villa Arcos Hotel: In terms of amenities, guests have access to two private dining rooms with views overlooking the city and sea. 

On the other side of the town is the hotel’s main resort, Villa del Arco, which can be reached via Metro Manila, Metro Quezon, Metro Manila’s subway system, Metro Transit and Metro Manila-Bicol. 

Here, guests are treated to a selection of outdoor activities such as hiking, swimming, horseback riding, boating, volleyball and other water sports. 

While we were there, we did enjoy our time in the Grand Resort. 

 There is also a rooftop pool with a pool deck overlooking the sea.

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