How to buy a villa in Italy

Rome, Italy – If you’re thinking about moving to Italy, it might be worth considering the cost of renting a villas in Italy.

Here’s how you can get started.


Check out a listing online The first step is to go to an Italian website and check if there’s an available listing for your property.

You can do this using a site called Avicii, which offers free online search options.

Some of the properties in Italy can be found through Google or other search engines, but some have to be checked out from the local property information.

You should also check with the property owner to see if the property has a mortgage or insurance.


Pay the deposit If the property isn’t on sale, you can pay the deposit to the property’s owner directly.

If you rent, you’ll pay a monthly fee of around €500 ($530) per month for a five-year contract.

You’ll also need to pay the local insurance company a fee of €50 ($65) for each incident of damage.


Apply for the contract If you don’t have a deposit, you will need to apply for the lease at the local municipality, which usually takes between four and eight weeks.

You will also need a written contract signed by the landlord and the property owners.


Check if the landlord’s insurance company is available in your area You’ll need to find out whether the landlord is covered by any of the policies available from local insurance companies.


Make a deposit and pay the rent The final step is paying the rent on time.

If your property is rented, the rent should be paid within the first month of occupancy.

In Italy, the landlord has to give you a written notice at the end of each month outlining how much rent you’ll be required to pay, but in most cases, the rental contract is usually signed after the first payment.


Rent the house If you choose to buy the house, you’re likely to have to pay a deposit.

It should be noted that some property owners in Italy don’t allow you to deduct a deposit on a rental contract.

For this reason, it’s best to check the property online to make sure it’s in your price range.

If not, contact your local property office to check if you can deduct the deposit.


Take care of your belongings When you move to Italy from another country, it may be advisable to make certain items at home.

For instance, if you have a lot of clothes in your suitcase, it would be a good idea to keep those items in the house.

You could also put your bed in a separate room or storage bin.


Change the locks, locksmiths and locksmith’s fees There are fees to change locks, so check the rental website or ask your local rental agent.

You may also need advice from a locksmith if you’re not sure how to change the locks.


Take pictures, videos and more If you want to take a tour of the property, you should be prepared to pay for all the equipment needed to take the pictures, which include a camera, tripod, lighting, video cameras and so on.

You might also want to rent a camera for all these reasons.

If it’s raining, you may need to put your camera on a tripod.

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