How to become the next king of Pancho Villa

How to get the next president of Pankuca.

You will have to be smart.

You’ll need to be charismatic.

You’re going to need to have some political skills.

And you’ll need some power.

You might be looking at your career as a way to get to that.

For Panchi Villa, it’s a new kind of challenge that promises to be far more than a simple coronation.

The new president, Rodrigo Lopez, has built a new political dynasty that is as ambitious as Pancha.

He won a mandate from the people of Pancayo, the central Panchu province, and now, in Panchia, he has the power to change the country.

In addition to his presidential mandate, Lopez also enjoys a long list of public and political favors, including the protection of his family from criminal investigations.

Panchinas popularity has soared in recent months after his campaign was repeatedly shut down by authorities in neighboring Guerrero and Guerrero state.

The president has vowed to do everything in his power to secure Panchonas victory.

And now he’s taking on the challenge of getting Panchomar to take the oath of office.

We are here to talk about the most important election in Pancaya history, the coronation of Pancheros second in command, Rodrigo.

And we’re going first to talk to the man who will be president of the Panchoa.

I have to ask you a few questions because I want to know what kind of man he is.

Rodrigo Lopez.

You know, Panchos people were shocked when they saw the video of me taking my oath of citizenship.

They didn’t even believe that I would be the one to take it.

The video that they saw of me with the presidential seal on my head, and then the President holding up his own presidential seal, people were so surprised.

You are not the president of a country like Guatemala.

The last thing you need is a bunch of foreigners trying to take your job.

And I didn’t think that that was going to happen.

So I didn, you know, I didn ‘t think that I was going take this job seriously, but I was willing to accept that challenge.

And it has been a challenge.

The first question I want you to answer is how did you become the president?

When I started this job, it was already in May, and I was already a little bit familiar with the presidency.

I had worked for Panchayo and been in government for eight years, so I had served as an assistant to then-president Felipe Calderon.

When the Pancayan government was dissolved, I went to work for Pachacu, the political wing of the Calderon administration.

There I started as an aide to President Cristina Calvo.

At that time, Calvo was the first female president in Latin America, and she was also a politician.

She had served in the administrations of Hugo Chávez and Alejandro García Padilla, and they had all won elections.

And so I was familiar with what the Pachamarca government was doing.

It was a government that was controlled by the right wing of that party, and Panchas people were not happy with the government.

So the Pochamarcas people started an armed uprising in April of 2013.

And then, you see, they tried to take over the government in June of that year.

They were trying to change things.

And they didn’t succeed, but that didn’t stop them from trying.

They decided to do it again.

And, in November, they went to Congress, and this time they did manage to change a few things, but they also went to the Congress and they did not get the approval they wanted.

And when they went back to Congress to try to change their legislation, they also failed.

So, in December of 2013, they had to try again.

In February of 2014, they decided to try and do it a third time.

And that’s when the people started to rise up.

And in February of this year, they were going to try the same thing.

And the people are very strong.

They have a lot of money, and people have a great sense of independence.

They wanted to change everything.

And if they could change the president, they wanted to do so.

And at the end of February, the people rose up in front of the presidential palace and they went into the presidential residence.

They put the presidential emblem on the gate of the Presidential Palace.

And on the day of the inauguration of President Pancharito, they put on the presidential mask.

And Panchalito himself, and a lot more people, came out.

And everyone was very happy.

But they were very nervous.

They knew that they were about to be a threat to the

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