A Disney Disney theme park could become a luxury resort, experts say

A Disney theme parks could become the next luxury resort in Florida, with Disney theme-parker Walt Disney himself endorsing the concept of a resort for the state.

Disney has already announced plans for an international theme park in Florida and Florida Atlantic University’s research suggests the state could be a great fit for the theme park.

“It’s not a bad idea, and it’s not necessarily an impossible idea,” said Dr. Michael A. Cohen, an associate professor of tourism and hospitality at Florida Atlantic.

“Disney has a great track record of building resort hotels in Florida.

It’s just the right location.”

According to the Disney Parks and Resorts Blog, Disney is exploring the idea of a theme park for Florida.

“We’re actively exploring ideas to bring more guests and guests to Florida and beyond through the development of an innovative theme park experience, which could be one of our next big projects,” Walt Disney wrote.

“Our Florida resort is in excellent shape and the state’s natural resources are well-suited to hosting our guests.

A theme park might be a logical next step for Disney in this exciting time for our state.”

Florida is not alone in the concept.

In 2012, the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando and its adjoining resort and resort hotel opened.

Both locations were the first Disney theme resorts to open in Florida in nearly 20 years.

Disney World currently operates a theme-based theme park called The Adventures of Pocahontas.

The Disney Parks Blog also noted that Florida is currently home to several theme parks, including Epcot and Disney California Adventure.

Development Is Supported By

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