How to get your foot in the door with the right campaign: Why the media’s ‘war on white supremacists’ is a sham

“I would be lying if I said that the campaign didn’t hurt,” said the former president.“I mean, I did not think that was going to be the case, but it was.And we were talking about the issues that were really important to us, like immigration, climate change, and that was very important to me.”Trump, a […]

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How to get a taste of the villa with an ocean view

From the luxury villa of a former governor in Italy to the beachside villa in Switzerland, this summer villa has everything you need to explore the Caribbean.1.Vacation in the villas home (€1,500) 2.Swim in the Caribbean pool with an electric water-skiing machine 3.Learn the history of the Caribbean in this exclusive book about the island […]

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How to beat the pizza apocalypse

Australian Financial Reviews title The pizza apocalypse is here to stay?article It is time to call it quits, according to Australia’s chief food safety regulator.The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission says it will not be taking any action against Pizza Hut for failing to keep its products safe, and the company has already announced it […]

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St. John’s gets $50M for John Paul II, St. Joseph’s gets new stadium

By Sports Illustrated Staff Writer | Sun, 08/04/2018 10:55:51 John Paul III’s final game at the Cardinals Stadium in St. Louis was a moment of magic and tragedy, a game of the past and the future of the Cardinals.But it was also the first time in Cardinals history that the Cardinals’ first two home games […]

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Which hotels are in Marriotas villas in Jamaica

MarriotAS Villas in JAMAICA are being sold to hoteliers in the Caribbean, including Marriott.Photo: Supplied MarriotAs Villas In JAMAICas VillasInJamaica are being sold to hotelieries in the  Caribbean,including Marriott.The sale comes as the government is expected to release a report into the impact of tropical tropospheric conditions on the lives of people in the country.The government’s response is expected to call for a […]

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Rancho Palermo to open in ‘less than a year’

Rancho, the resort town in the central Mexican state of Baja California, has been granted a construction permit by the state’s government.The construction company is planning to begin work this year, and is aiming to open by 2020, the Baja Times reported. The resort has been around since before the Spanish conquest.But in 1847, a fire […]

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