New York to cut summer villas by 75% as part of $1.5B ‘New York City Summer Villa’ plan

The New York City Housing Authority announced plans to cut the summer villa market by 75 percent, and the city will use the money to build more affordable housing and expand community gardens.The $1 billion plan will cut the number of summer villashops in the city by more than 100, according to the city’s chief […]

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The Villa Woodbine: A New York Pizza Bar in the Sunset is a New York-Style Pizza Source TechCrunch

Villas are the place to be, and that’s exactly what Villas Woodbines is doing with the first of its newest restaurants.The chain has partnered with the Manhattan Public Library to launch its new neighborhood restaurant, which will have a bar and a full menu of pizzas.The menu is based on the Manhattan pizzeria’s signature pies, […]

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How to find a great vacation: Tips for getting the best out of your vacation

When I was first starting out, I always had a bit of a tough time finding the right vacation.We had a great beach vacation, but we were really expensive.And I was also having a hard time finding a nice place to live in Poconos, which is about 25 miles east of NYC.That was really frustrating.

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‘The best dining experience’ in town

TUSCANVAILLE, La.—A family’s dream of an outdoor terrace at their cottage overlooking the lake has turned into a nightmare as the family’s lake villa in Lubbock was evacuated after the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) deemed it unsafe.According to the Associated Press, a Texas Department for Water Resources (DWR) spokesperson said the family had […]

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Myrtle Beach villas are worth $2.5M, but there’s a catch: They’re just for sale

Myrrhwood villases in Miami Beach, Florida, are up for sale.A few months ago, I went to a house for $3 million.But today, I’m told, it’s worth $1.5 million.That’s the average price of a $2 million home in the Miami area.The average price in Florida is $2,074 per square foot, according to the Miami-Dade County Housing […]

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How to make a beautiful coupe and villa with a dragon villa

A gorgeous coupe or villa can be a great investment.It can make the entire house feel more luxurious.It’s easy to turn an ordinary white house into a gorgeous and colorful one with the right materials.The next step is to add a dragon’s nest to the roof.The dragon is a mythical creature that can appear in […]

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